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Our Passion for Africa

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Our passion for Africa

Even if the global economy is led by uncertainty,
Africa’s Growth is still expected to strengthen within the decade.
SSA 2000
SSA 2020
SSA 2030
Market Size
$403 bn
$1.6 trn
$3.8 trn = ~UK today
Real GDP
Consumer Spend
$120 billion
$1.4 trn
$2.5 trn
Working Age Population
~358 million
~500 million
~850 million
55% = ~China today
SSA 2000 - SSA 2030
SSA Region is expected to remain one of the fastest growing regions in the world, presenting opportunity in key growth frontiers such as Telecoms, Consumer Goods, Building Materials and Banking.
Private Equity Presence in Africa is expected to remain strong in sectors such as consumer goods and retail.


Delivering strong investment performance and client experience with:

Financial Advisory

Fineis Capital is looking forward to Delivering Differentiated Return Through Customized Solutions at Scale. For example, working closely with our clients, we will focus on forecasting liabilities and subsequently allocating assets to generate cash-flows to match these liabilities.

Liquidity Management

The goal is to generate attractive returns on short to medium investments while ensuring preservation and liquidity of capital.


By developing and structuring instruments allowing to take exposure in an asset class (commodities, infrastructure, private equity or private credit) that provide the possibility of higher returns while also balancing risk.